The LAPSTER™ pet drinking  bowl enhances the drinking experience for your pet.  The bowl comes with 4 dividers that can be inserted into opposed recesses in the bowl walls to create multiple narrow troughs to serve multiple pets.  Optimally, the width of each trough is correlated to the width of a pet’s tongue. When the pet is lapping water, the walls of the dividers hold the water on the pet’s tongue a little longer, enhancing efficiency of drinking.  Often, the pet will learn which trough works best for them.  Experimenting with differing widths is easy to do!  The  bottle and bowl each hold about a gallon of water, plenty to last several days for most pets.  The bottle has a convenient carrying handle and a restrictor that can be removed from its mouth for easy filling and then replaced for easy carrying from the sink to the bowl with your finger covering the slot in the restrictor.
The LAPSTER™ pet drinking bowl is the latest innovation from inventor H. Jay Spiegel of Mount Vernon, Virginia.  Well known for his innovations in football kicking tees, now used in every high school, college and pro game (, Jay has turned his attention to further enhancing the quality of life for his dachshund family, two of whom (Brooke & Cassie) are pictured in the packaging. 
The drinking bowl was developed from observing how pets drink and seeking a way to enhance the drinking process.  This has been achieved for his dachshunds  and should do the same for you!  The bowl is protected by U.S. Patent No. 8,381,686; Canadian Patent No. 2,628,665 and Chinese Patent No. CN 101574061B.  Other patents are pending.